A la carte menu


Sardines deboned, on a bed of salad £7.50
Hummus fresh own-made chickpea dip - served with pitta bread
Brik a tasty Tunisian speciality of crisp thin pastry (ourka) filled with tuna, potato & egg £7.95
Bourek crisp pastry filled with marinated minced lamb, herbs & spices £6.30
Baba ganoush aubergine dip infused with olive oil, spices & herbs - served with pitta bread £5.90
Olives  marinated in chermoula and a piquant sauce £2.90
Chakchouka warm salad of grilled peppers, tomatoes, onions, chilli, herbs & spices with merguez
(spiced lamb sausage)
Falafel patties of minced chickpeas, fava beans spices and sesame
Calamari freshly prepared squid rings sautéed in spices - served with aioli £8.50
Bastilla chicken,  onion, raisiins, saffron, almonds & egg in filo pastry £11.50
Harira traditional soup of chicken, vegetables, pulses, spices & herbs £7.50


A  tajine is an earthenware dish with a distinctive conical lid, which allows the steam to condense back into the food to enhance its' flavour. The food that is cooked in it is also called a tajine.
Constantine tajine tender lamb shank, with potatoes, in a hot/ spicy chilli sauce £18.50
Tajine Marrakech lamb shank and vegetables in an aromatic sauce £18.95
Tajine djej  chicken with vegetables in a tomato based sauce £16.75
Fish tajine  'fish of the day' with king prawn, & potato, in a 'gently sour' sauce of preserved lemon, spices and herbs £19.50
King prawns tajine  king prawns in a fragrant crab and prawn sauce £18.50
Berber tajine fresh vegetables, chickpeas and fava beans - served with rice £15.50
Tajine el ain succulent lamb shank with prunes, apricots & almonds in an ‘intensely flavoured’ sauce & garnished with sesame seeds £18.95
Tajine zitoune breast of chicken and carrot in a sauce infused with olives and preserved lemon
Tajine romanne chicken breast in a sweet/tangy fresh pomegranate sauce, garnished with almonds, raisins & caramelised onion


Couscous: these dishes consist of traditional steamed couscous, vegetables & vegetable broth, with:-
slow braised lamb shank
boneless breast of chicken
traditional style North African spicy lamb sausages
selection of fresh vegetables and chickpeas
Couscous Royale
a feast of lamb shank, chicken & merguez


Grills etc - served with green salad and couscous
delicately marinated and char-grilled
lamb shank, marinated in chermoula and slowly roasted for a delicious flavour
spicy lamb sausages
Sea Bass
pan-fried in butter

Salads & Sides

Couscous salad:
couscous with tomato, onion, cucumber, carrots & dressing
Mixed salad:  green salad, tomato, cucumber, carrot, potato, onion, olives & dressing £6.00
Sautéed potatoes
Bread (galette)
Mixed vegetables
Pitta bread

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