North African baklava cakes traditional honey and almond loveliness (perfect with hot drinks or digestifs) £5.50
Ice cream vanilla ice-cream drizzled with orange-blossom sauce and almonds £4.50
Lemon sorbet tangy citrus sorbet with dressing as above £4.50
Affogato espresso with scoop of vanilla ice cream £4.70

Dessert wine Muscat de Beaumes de Venise,  Aromatic notes of marmalade &  citrus peel lead to a smooth, luscious palate £6.50
  half bottle £18.95
French coffee black coffee with brandy £6.50
Arabic coffee strong & sweet with cardamon £2.90
Moroccan coffee strong sweet with cinnamon & orange-blossom water £2.90
Espresso   £2.20
Double espresso   £2.70
Cappuccino   £2.80
Mint tea traditional tea with fresh mint  
Pot for 2
Pot for 4

Azou Restaurant
375 King Street
W6 9NJ

Opening hours:
Monday - Sunday 6.00 - 11.00 p.m.

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